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A now proud Newy local, I too was once in your position. 


Having relocated from Sydney, couch surfing with family and friends quickly lost its appeal and I found myself in a tight time-crunch to find a place to call home with no clue where to start and zero time to find out how.


Sound familiar?

Having been put through the wringer myself, I quickly noticed that no one was working solemnly to help people find a rental and shortly after realised I could help others avoid the hard yards (and the back pain) I had to go through.

And just like that (with a lot of coffee and hard work) The Renters Agent came to fruition.


When it comes to my clients, I take the less is more approach. Less time wasted by you and more success rate provided by me.

Unlike your average 'agent' or property manager, I'm not affiliated to one agency alone, nor do I act on a landlord's behalf. 

So when it comes to me, IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.

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